Double Dragon Spectrum sprites batch

Double Dragon sprites. Sprite size: 32x48 pixels.

Gaming has its myths and heroes. Double Dragon is one of them, a complete classic from 80es and father of beat' em up genre along with its predecessor Renegade, from the same authors. Every good old gamer has played it in the arcades. And maybe also later on console and hand-held conversions. Double Dragon Advance on GBA comes to my mind.

Just Spectrum computer users always wanted a good Double Dragon version, because the properly licensed version Mastertronic released at 1989 were a disappointment.
Not developers fault really. Seems DD conversion was programmer's first professional effort,
being very young, studying and consequently having few time for development.

( note: Read interesting details of computer conversions story at Double Dragon Dojo. )

What we have here is a new version of the sprites featuring every character of the game. The style of pixel-drawing tries to retain the comic and clear aspect from the original coin-op sprites, 
just in a reduced version.

Drawing sprites for Spectrum has its pros and contras.
For sure its reduced size is challenging, as it is the always horrid colour clash. But one time decided the sprites are going to be monochrome, then you can concentrate just in drawing and forget about palette issues.

As bonus here you have another batch of graphics from another knowed beat'em up. Do you know which??

Its not Gauntlet. 

Hope you like it!

Author/drawer: Jude
System: Spectrum
Software used: SevenuP v1.20


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    1. Yes, I learnt a lot when kid, redrawing by pencil Gryzor graphics =D

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